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HAI-SHA NI, Acupuncture Physician 

                1. The Director Of Ni's Acupuncture Center And The Chinese Traditional Medical Association.              

                2. Appointed As A Member Of The Florida State Board of Acupuncture   (11-1-00 to  12-30-03)

                 3. Developer Of New Traditional Chinese Medical Theories And Concepts.



Lawrence R Brown, Acupuncture Physician

Flies in the Living Room

Eating and the Dao

Acid Reflux & Joint Pain       Menses 


Susan Hathaway, Ph.D., Acupuncture Physician

1. Knowledgeable In Both Western And Eastern Medicine.

2. An Associate Practitioner Of Chinese Medicine At Ni's Acupuncture Center.

3. Combines Both Eastern And Western Medicine In A Complimentary Manner To Benefit Patients.

Monograph:   Woman First     Chinese Medicine and Biological Warfare

Acupuncture Physician

David Che, D.D.S.

University of Illinois At Chicago

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